How To Get Involved With Pamoja Impact


How To Get Involved With Pamoja Impact

Get Involved With Pamoja Impact

Pamoja Impact is a Social Enterprise that seeks Innovative Solutions to Social Problems where the value created accrues primarily to the society rather than private individuals.

We blend business practices and philanthropy resulting in solutions where services are effective, efficient, just and sustainable while products are available, accessible and affordable.

We operate in the following fields:

  • Food and Nutritional Security,
  • Capital,
  • Housing,
  • Energy and
  • Disaster & Relief programs.

Our initiatives integrate stakeholders in various ecosystems such as Entrepreneurs, Governments, Nonprofits and Individuals.


Our Goals

Here’s the vision of the future and you are a part of it.

  • Charity according to Deuteronomy 15:11
  • Build a thriving, sustainable local and regional economy based on agribusiness and foods
  • Advance God’s Kingdom and Ministry.
  • Pioneer Social Innovation, Social Work and Welfare in the community
  • Public-private-partnerships in massive social venture projects with mutual benefits.

You can support Pamoja Impact in the following ways:

  1. Join the Pamoja Tribe – become a member for a chance to participate in greater good, volunteerism, work opportunities, social welfare and advancing God’s Kingdom through philanthropy.
  2. Crowd-fund the Startup – help raise the seed capital through monetary contributions. MPESA PAYBILL NO – 763766 – ACCOUNT NO – 0766939714 – AMOUNT
  3. EAZY PAY TILL NUMBER – 0766939714 – AMOUNT – ADDITIONAL DETAILS (Pamoja crowd-fund)
  4. Social Media Support – Follow, us, Like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Like, subscribe and join our online forums!

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