Pamoja Capital, Pamoja Foods. Changing Society


Pamoja Capital, Pamoja Foods. Changing Society

Pamoja Capital, Pamoja Foods. Destined To Change Society…

These are two ambitious arms of Pamoja Impact are destined to change society in Kenya for the better.

Pamoja Capital will raise investment through trading in forex markets to generate capital used to fund the projects of the Organization.

Pamoja Foods seeks innovative ways to produce foods and sell to markets, allowing the Organization in the process to create jobs, opportunity while improving efficiency and productivity in food markets.

The Process…

By integrating supply chain factors of production, distribution and consumption, Pamoja Impact will develop excellent food and health products available.

These food and health products will be accessible and affordable for all while promoting health and sustainable development.

Pamoja Impact is working on an integrated strategy to forecast Kenya’s food security future, coming up with realistic and achievable solutions based on prevailing need.

At the same time, Pamoja Impact anticipates challenges and seizes opportunities that come with the food industry.


Development Of Online Technologies

We are keen on developing online technologies and delivery systems to handle the complex logistics of local and regional food distribution.

We seek to pioneer a transparent distribution model and develop new socially-just solutions for the challenges of a diversified, sustainable supply chain.


Achieving An Ambitious Dream

To achieve this ambitious program, it is important to network with like-minded partners and investors.

Our management team has developed a series of goals to measure progress in this area. These include:

  • Collaborate with producers and processors to facilitate and guarantee availability of foods.
  • Collaborate with food retailers; green grocers, food stall and market traders to guarantee accessibility.
  • Build a network of warehouses as distribution centres to receive, grade and process fresh produce.
  • Set up a foods Big Data Analytics centre that will be the nerve centre of operations dealing with
  • Sourcing decisions
  • Precision agriculture
  • Food yield forecasting, stock and inventory monitoring
  • Environmental footprint
  • Ordering and Accounting Systems
  • Customer Service Centre
  • Set up grain storage infrastructure in strategic counties
  • Formulate a parliamentary food bill on government food and nutrition subsidies and assistance.

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