Pamoja Foods

Pamoja Foods is a start up unit of Pamoja Impact Limited disrupting the food ecosystem by integrating the supply chain factors (production, distribution and consumption) under social innovation to make food and health products available, accessible and affordable for all while promoting health and sustainable development. Pamoja Foods is working on an integrated strategy to forecast on our nation’s food security future, aiming to anticipate challenges and seize opportunities that come with the food industry.

We are keen on developing online technologies and delivery systems to handle the complex logistics of local and regional food distribution. We seek to pioneer a transparent distribution model and develop new socially-just solutions for the challenges of a diversified, sustainable supply chain.

Intervention & Objectives

Community Food Security Programme

National Network of Food Banks, Food Pantries & Grain Storage

Social Justice in Food, Health & Sustainable Development


  • Collaborate with producers and processors to facilitate and guarantee availability of foods.
  • Collaborate with food retailers; green grocers, food stall and market traders to guarantee accessibility.
  • Build a network of warehouses as distribution centres to receive, grade and process fresh produce.
  • Set up a foods Big Data Analytics center that will be the nerve center of operations dealing with:
    • Sourcing decisions
    • Precision agriculture
    • Food yield forecasting, stock and inventory monitoring
    • Environmental footprint
    • Ordering and Accounting Systems
    • Customer Service Centre
  • Set up grain storage infrastructure in strategic counties
  • Formulate a parliamentary food bill on government food and nutrition subsidies and assistance.

Producers & Farmers

We are a uniquely modeled food distributor; we do the legwork to bring your local products to wholesale food buyers locally and all across the country.


  1. We offer you our online platform, distribution infrastructure, and expertise in distributing your products more efficiently to our network of retail stores and buyers. We are a uniquely modeled food distributor
  2. You always know the distribution costs, where it’s being sold and for how much. We are not in the business of buying your product, marking it up, and reselling at a maximum profit. Instead we offer fixed and fair delivery costs to your produce, protein, fish and specialty goods.
  3. We appreciate the role you play in the food chain, so we want to make your economic model more resilient agricultural-specific payments, financial services and insurance contracts.


We handle the complexity of managing a large number of small vendors and distribution centers across the country.

Additionally, we offer vendor management, accounts payable, food safety assurance and liability insurance.


  • We make life easier by using technological innovation (USSD, Web platform & Mobile App) to link up the food chain. Through this, the supply chain benefits from personal service from the producer, distributor, store owner, free home delivery, click and collect, credits and discounts from our prepaid credit cards.
  • We are not in the business of reinventing the wheel, so we partner with – rather than compete against – existing retail stores and open market traders.

We play a wholesaler role so we welcome existing businesses as franchisees under the ‘Pamoja Foods Minimart/Convenience store/grocery stores.

  • We operate a highly efficient wholesale system that serves a network of small urban retail formats that require low capital expenditure.
  • We bridge the proximity to our consumers in space, time & relationship by operating smaller urban formats convenience stores, small stores and grocery stores formats that offer a more realistic prospect of economic returns for the retailer.

The stores serve the urban consumers with limited budgets and smaller homes who often prefer to buy small amounts frequently both for immediate consumption and for stocking up.

  • Productivity in our operations starts with logistics network operations driven by local demand attractiveness. High density deliveries from our distribution centers to a cluster of stores creates efficiency

Consumer Foods

Consumers want healthy, better food they can trust.

We bring you high quality local product at wholesale prices you can afford, while delivering more value back to the producers.

Our distribution costs are fixed, fair and transparent.

The 21st century has been driven by a shift in consumer demand; increasingly consumers are associating their digestive wellness with their mental and physical wellness.

They’re realizing food affects more than just their weight – that it impacts their energy, their focus and immune system.

It’s learning this that completely shifts the way you eat; many consumers are looking for cleaner foods and ingredient labels thus we help by giving you a choice.


  1. Register for free: Register for free to access high quality local products and fresh produce at designated sellers. See member savings and receive 15% off your first purchase.
  2. Start your trial: With your first purchase on Pamoja Foods Community, you’ll start a free 30-day membership trial see how much you can save. Cancel any time.
  3. Join the Community: Join the Pamoja Foods Community for just KES. 5000 and save on best local fresh produce and high quality health products for a full year. Alternatively you can purchase KES. 500 monthly coupons.

When you join, you are also sponsoring a free membership for a low income family.

We bring you high quality local product at wholesale prices you can afford, while delivering more value back to the producers.

Our distribution costs are fixed, fair and transparent.

We acknowledge those in the society who need assistance so we are developing food related charities e.g. food banks and pantries

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