Pamoja Impact-The Organization With A BIG Vision


Pamoja Impact-The Organization With A BIG Vision

How Pamoja Impact Works

In its incubation period under Ripples International, Pamoja Impact will be a company within an organization serving as a sustainability component and partner in implementing projects within the larger organization while gaining experience, credibility and impact.

Seed Capital Requirements

The Social Enterprise currently in its inception stage requires a seed capital of 5 Million KES or $50000.

This amount will go a long way in setting up office space and the rest invested into sustainable income generating initiatives i.e. Pamoja Capital and Pamoja Foods’ Model Farms to support the organizational objectives.

Pamoja Capital – Social Trading for Social Good, is a service arm of Pamoja Impact that benefits large number of people in largest possible ways through corporate sustainability and social responsibility.

Model farms (PSA – Pamoja Supported Agriculture) – are initiatives of Pamoja Foods that integrates the food ecosystem to ensure that sufficient & nutritious food are available, accessible and affordable.

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