Here’s Our Vision For The Future (And You Can Be Part Of It)


Here’s Our Vision For The Future (And You Can Be Part Of It)

Pamoja Impact – Democracy on the Blockchain

In order to benefit the large number of people in largest possible ways, Pamoja Impact will place our social enterprise model on the blockchain in a series of decentralized and democratic organizations that solely exist on the blockchain.

The organizations referred to as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or Decentralized Autonomous Corporations will have the following structure;

  • President | Owner| CEO – overseeing Federations per region/county
  • Overseers – overseeing regional Clusters
  • Directors – overseeing specific groups
  • Members – of a particular group

The DAOs/DACs will have the following characteristics;

  • Add/Remove voting members to the organizations
  • Any member can make a proposal
  • Ability to create Smart Contracts
  • Composition of the blockchain congress
  • Shareholder tokens based
  • DAOs/DACs can own shares of other DAOs or be apart of a federation of DAOs
  • Token contracts pegged on the value of a specified cryptocurrency

The Decentralized Autonomous Organizations will integrate the various ecosystems in areas of focus e.g Producers (fresh produce, food grains & proteins) Retail (warehousing, food banks & small urban stores) and consumers; Nonprofits, Entrepreneurs, Governments and Individuals.

We need players across all fields to bring our vision to fruition.

Are you a:

  • Fresh food producer
  • Food retailer/grocer
  • Food blogger/writer
  • Dietician
  • Nutritionist
  • Economist
  • Philanthropist | Nonprofit
  • Food processor


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